Business Support is Important!

Businesses are a huge help when it comes to funding for schools. The proceeds from collecting and sending in empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges for recycling allows them to purchase more of the supplies they need to teach our children.

No matter the number of items your business goes through each year, your contribution to a school is important. If you produce large volumes and can fill a box up with items from our Buyback List you can register for Recycle4Education and receive free UPS prepaid labels and free shipping materials to send in your recyclables to benefit the school of your choice. The earnings will go directly into the account of the school/beneficiary you choose.

If you want to participate, but your company does not produce many of these items, you can drop them off what you do collect at any school who is part of Recycle4Education.

Schools nationwide thank you for your contributions to their funding efforts!

If you have any questions about R4E or your account give us a call toll free 1(800)588-7960 (weekdays from 9am - 6pm PST) or email us anytime at info@recycle4education.com.