How it works

Once you set up an account with Recycle4Education you can order free prepaid UPS shipping labels for sending your aggregated empty inkjet and laser printer cartridges without any charge or paperwork!

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No paperwork required
Recycle4Education does not require a purchase order or packing list for parcel shipment sent through this program.

Bulk shipments
Do you have 300+ laser cartridges or 3+ skids of product to sell to Recycle4Education? R4E can arrange for a pickup and pay for the shipping. Contact customer service for more information at 1.800.588.7960.

Qualifying Items
Recycle4Education pays for the empty printer cartridges on our Buyback List. Please do your best to sort out your shipment and properly protect your laser toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges by shipping them in the original boxes.

Items may fall in price or drop off the Buyback List. We must adjust the list accordingly to market demand. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to continue offering free shipping, online accounting, promotional materials, and more!

New items are being added at nearly the same rate. The demand for the new items sometimes outweighs the need for the older items so you might see even better prices for them!